Hello and THANK YOU for visiting Corporate Momming.

I am Robyn Fuller, the founder and curator of Corporate Momming. Corporate Momming is a passion project I started based on my love for motherhood and my career.  I am pretty transparent with both journeys, on social media, and I am often asked how I maintain both.  My honest answer is by God’s grace, and you know, “It Takes a Village”

I am a single mother of one child, Parker Savanna, and I take extreme pride in providing her the best life, with the tools God has given me.  I am also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and business owner, of J&F Advisors, PLLC.  We are a minority, woman owned CPA firm in Detroit, Michigan.  My partner and I started J&F with no money and no clients.  The only thing we had was knowledge, passion, and drive. Little by little, we have been able to grow from a side hustle to running this business as our full-time career commitments.

My entire life, I have achieved scholastically and in my career.  My siblings and I were raised by my mom, who made God and education priority, in our household. So, those are the foundations of who I am as a mother and business owner! I AM CORPORATE MOMMING! It’s what I live everyday!

While I practice accounting, I have coined myself as a chronic entrepreneur.  I have a strong desire to encourage those around me to set goals and pursue them, relentlessly.  It is my hope that I can encourage women through this platform, to do the same!

Many Blessing!

~Robyn, The Corporate Mom