You Don’t Know it All!

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navidgate a course to their destination.” – John C. Maxwell

Navigating through ones career can be scary, and sometimes daunting! Not because we hate our jobs, but more so because we don’t know how to get to the next level, or unsure of what the next level is, altogether! There are even instances where advancement is all about who you know (corporate politics are real), and you don’t know anyone!

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Early on, in my accounting career, I didn’t know too many accountants who looked like me.  There weren’t really any in my classes, and I was really just choosing to major in accounting because I enjoyed the class!  My mom was a hairstylist, I was a first generation graduate, in my immediate family. There was really nothing anyone in my family could tell me about a career in accounting or corporate politics, and I soon realized I needed a mentor.

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On the Other Side of my 9-5, was PEACE!

“The best math you can ever learn is how to calculate future cost of current decisions”

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I can remember attending networking events with my business partner, and asking every self-employed individual, “How did you know it was time to leave your day job?”.  No one really gave a straight answer; it would always be something generic, like “when you know, you know”, or “you can just feel it”.  Never any real instructions on the steps taken to become a solely self-employed AND successful entrepreneur.  I would listen to Ted Talks and wait for speakers to tell me the magical answer, and I’d leave thinking “YOU HAD ONE JOB”!!! Right? WRONG!

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Shop til you Drop!

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On a lighter note today, I am going to talk about one of my favorite parts of being a girl mom…a mom in general!  SHOPPING…well DRESSING my daughter, doing her hair, and all things girly!  I’m going to share with where I shop, how I shop, and how I dress my daughter.  This will probably be one of the most easiest and informal post that I make. (Disclaimer: For those who need it…Yes, clothes and appearance aren’t  everything, and YES education is a priority in my household…and God…and family…happy? COOL)

OKAY! Starting with where I shop. I am a bargain shopper! I like nice things at discounted prices! Obviously kids grow super fast, so I am mindful of the amount of things I buy, as well as the amount of money I spend on them.  So, if I had a top three I’d pick Zara, Janie & Jack, and Nordstrom (rack included).  I also like the Saks, GAP, TJMaxx, Macy’s, Target and sometimes Old Navy!  Overall, I am a department store shopper.  I don’t like clutter, I like availability, easy access and, again, GOOD PRICES. Boutiques and overly crowded stores stress me out.  I rarely shop in them for myself, and definitely avoid them for my daughter.  I like to shop at stores that stand behind the quality of their product and I just feel like boutiques don’t…no offense, but if I rip a shirt I got from a boutique, I can forget them being willing to exchange it.  However, department stores and chain retails usually stand behind their brand and products.

So, you’re probably thinking these stores are really expensive and you’re absolutely right.  However, I only buy things on sale…like, SALE SALE.  So this is how I do it.  I shop a season or two in advance.  I know that Zara and Janie & Jack have huge sales at the start of summer and during the December/January timeframe.  Janie & Jack will even offer an additional 20% off the sales price, making prices 70% to 80% off.  I purchase items a size up, and for the next season.  Nordstrom sales are hit or miss, but when you hit, YOU HIT! The same applies for Macy’s.  The GAP also has amazing sales, just about every weekend.  However, I don’t shop there too often because, now that my daughter has real height, their bottoms are too short for her.

I usually never buy “outfits”. I always purchase separates.  This way, I have a lot of options, and we get a lot wear out of everything!  I also stopped buying a lot of “nice” things, because my daughter goes to daycare everyday, and comes home looking rough (kids can be wild)! So I pick a few nice items, and when wear them on special occasions.  Usually school attire is leggings and t-shirts, or athletic wear. I also let her mess up the same couple pair of shoes, because…recess!

Outside of school, I mix and match pieces as I would for myself. Generally, I buy things a size up to maximize the amount of time she can wear them. So when things are a little big, I go for a look that allows for a loose fitting look. Another thing I do is, I keep pants that would look cute as leggings! When my daughter has grown in length, she can then wear a cute capris look.

Finally, I don’t buy things I can’t wash, myself. I refuse to take a toddlers clothes to the cleaners, as my life is busy enough! I could talk about shopping all day! Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Oh, and for those of you in the Metro Detroit area, don’t forget to join us at the Mom-2-Mom sales, on 8.18.18!


Disney is for ALL Ages!

Parker, Age 3 – July 2018

The travel bug is real, in my household. Sometimes more real than I’d like it to be, but that’s life when many of your closest friends live out-of-state!  My daughter has been traveling with me since the womb. During my pregnancy, I traveled up to 37 weeks, taking on places like Dubai, Costa Rica, Germany, and a ton of local travel! So, naturally she flies very well and is accustomed to the airport routine.

Last week, we conquered our 3rd American visit to Disney. We’ve done Disneyland – Anaheim, CA, when my daughter was 1. At 2, we did the four-day  Disney Dream Cruise to the Bahamas, and just yesterday we took on Disney World in Orlando, FL. The final two were less than 4 months apart. Each experience was completely different. The main difference was age, and her ability to enjoy it! Everything else was small nuances relating to activities available for toddlers.

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Accountant turned Corporate Mom!

Parenting is one of the most important and rewarding jobs you can have! Raising a child is hard enough, on its own, but throw in wanting to be successful in your career as well!

I grew up in a single-parent household! Not because my dad was not present, but he passed just before I started kindergarten.  My mom raised my sister and I, alone.  If she dated, I never knew. I never saw her miss a beat, I never saw her put anyone or anything before us. Not a job, a man, a hobby…anything! My mom was, and still is, a hairstylist! I can vividly remember waking up on Saturday mornings and hearing her blasting gospel music, and talking even louder to her clients.  She did hair in our home, and often times, I’d go stand right beside her and just watch!  It came to a point where I’d even start doing hair myself, and when my mom had surgery on her hands (she had carpal tunnel), I’d even take some of her clients on.

One thing that my mom enforced was a great education, for my sister and I!  We went to public schools, but always attended the best schools, schools of choice! There were no free summers, in our household! Not one!  We did camps, college prep programs, and whatever else she could find for us!  I can remember my mom coming to my schools, and talking to my counselors about getting into special programs.  Often times they’d tell her “You’re about a year too soon”, or “Wait until high school”, and she’d apply anyway!  I was often times, involved in academics programs way before my time!

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